Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Last night Michelle referred to today as "the dreaded day of 3s!"  Now, initially you might think she's just lamenting getting older, but really she's just hoping to avoid having three babies on her birthday, which this year is chock full of 3s. Today, 9/21/13 is Michelle's 33rd birthday and to Michelle the fact that every part of the date is a multiple of three or has a three in it is too much. I am also hoping to avoid having the babies today, but that's just because I think it would be weird to be the only one in our family with a different birthday!!

Yesterday evening Michelle was whining a bit about being stuck at home and on such limited activity. It was a beautiful day and she just wanted to go for a walk, pick apples, and make an applepie with   crumble topping!  I was just getting ready to start some productive project but instead decided that I could find a way to make Michelle's wish come true. So I told her to get dressed because I was taking her on a spontaneous pre-birthday date!  Our first stop on our date was Dicks Homecare where I rented a wheelchair for two weeks. It's only $15 which I thought was a pretty good deal. Next stop was Sheetz for a frozen pumpkin pie latte for our drive to Way fruit farm for apples! After we picked out a bushel of apples and a gallon of apple cider, we headed home. 

On our way we stopped to go for a "walk & roll" on a paved path to enjoy the lovely summery day. Michelle and I have run on this trail a number of times, but I'd forgotten about the little hill down to the path! That was a little tricky, especially since I was wearing flip flops!  And coming up the hill at the end was definitely a bit of a workout for me, but it was totally worth it!  After we got home we heated up some leftover mexican spaghetti squash for dinner and made chai spiced apple sauce and the apple pie she wanted. Only problem is that, apparently, with the move cross country last summer, we somehow went from two pie plates to none! So our pie is a little non-traditional in the 8x8 square dish, but it's still tasty! It was so nice to just spend the afternoon and evening together.

our "square" pie =)

Pushing four people up the easy task! =)

This morning we had a little surprise birthday brunch with a few of Michelle's classmates which was nice. Started the day with an hour of homework, then brunch, then a PSU rugby match for me, a nap for Michelle, and dinner at home. It is a rainy rainy day today so I'm glad we got out and about yesterday to enjoy the weather!!  And no sign of babies on this "dreaded day of 3s!"  :)

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  1. You missed the opportunity to say, pi*r^2 (translate - "pie are squared")...what would you do without me?


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