Wednesday, September 18, 2013

32 weeks!!! We made it!

Hooray!!!  We made it to 32 weeks and the babies are still cookin'!!! This is average gestation for triplets, so as this weekend made clear to us, we need to be ready at any time.  Based on our chats with the NICU docs, this is am important milestone for the babies.  The risks for brain bleeds goes way down at 32 weeks.  In fact, if our little hospital adventure had happened this weekend (knock on wood) instead of last weekend, they wouldn't have given her the magnesium sulfate.  The "mag" as it's known to the L & D folks and other preemie moms, is given because it provides neuro-protection for the babies, and is only given before 32 weeks. 

Tonight we met our kiddos' pediatrician.  She's a doc who refers a lot of kiddos to early intervention, especially preemies, so I told Michelle I thought I'd like her to be our pediatrician.  But we wanted to meet her first so we scheduled a little meet & greet visit.  We were warned that she's a "straight shooter" and she is; she's blunt, but I think we're going to like that about her.  She said she was excited to have a new set of triplets because one of her sets of triplets she's been seeing just went off to college!  Dr. Brink was totally on board with the two of us breastfeeding and said she felt a lot better about having two people to feed three babies than one.  She also works in the pediatric intensive care unit at Danville some Saturdays and said she's working there on October 18th so if we make it to the scheduled C-section date, we should page the PICU and let her know she has babies to come visit in Labor & Delivery. =) 

Okay, I should get to bed so here's the 32 week belly pic.  I'm telling you...the tank top is slimming! =)  I also included a picture of the cookie I made Michelle tonight to celebrate making it to 32 weeks!  She has been craving cookies and cake for two days now, and I figured this was a good reason to celebrate.  She can have cake on her birthday, which is only a few days away now!
30 weeks
32 weeks

Celebratory cookie(s)!


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  1. hahaha love those cookies! CONGRATS Mamas :) love that you got to meet the pediatrician! keep on cookin', babies! xo times 5


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