Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Grand Adventure (ie Going for a Walk)

Thought we'd share some pics from our little adventure this evening.  It was another beautiful fall day here so around 5, we decided to go on another "walk & roll" so Michelle could get out of the house and enjoy the weather.  Humphrey has been dying to get away too, looking forlornly at the car when I leave lately, so we figured we'd bring him with us.  Only problem was where the heck to put him!  We now have three car seats installed in the back seat and the cargo space is full with hospital bags and the wheelchair!  So I told Michelle she could drive and Humphrey could sit in the front seat with me.  Well, that was not a brilliant idea and Humphrey was super freaked out when I tried to convince him of the idea.  You can see our initial attempts at this below and appreciate why it's a good thing it was me and not Michelle trying to share the front seat with him!  He desperately wanted to jump into the back with the car seats, but I don't know where he thought he was going to go!  Eventually he did rearrange and settle himself so he was literally laying on my lap with his head on the window.  We tried to get a picture of that, but the sun was in a bad spot and it didn't turn out.  Luckily, the stroller is smaller than the wheelchair so I think if we bungee the stroller in the cargo space Humphrey will still fit back there because the whole ordeal of sharing the front seat is less than ideal!

desperately trying to climb into the clue where he thought he'd fit with the three car seats!

me trying to wrestle him into some sort of workable position so we could leave the house!
My first thought for a place to walk didn't pan out because it was bigger chunks of gravel than I remembered and that is no fun for either of us--too much work for me and too bumpy for my passenger.  So we drove a few miles to the Spring Creek trail and took a nice "stroll."  It was a great opportunity to get Humphrey used to walking next to something with wheels since he is generally such a chicken.  He actually did really well and would heel right next to the chair when we asked him to and go explore just a bit when given permission.  In the past, walking next to a stroller or a bike has been really tough for him.  Hopefully this is a good sign that he'll have no issues walking next to the stroller!  For part of the walk Humphrey was doing his classic "rub my face in the grass" move followed by a quick roll before running to catch up and repeating the same move.  We really tried to capture this on video to share with you, but failed.  It was pretty cute and funny. =) 

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  1. Would he fit on the floor of the backseat since your seats are very far forward and the back seat is all the way back? Or would that be too scary :)


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