Sunday, September 15, 2013

Feeling like a real person again

Michelle is resting now and I'm happily watching the Packer game on TV & thought I'd write a quick update.  Michelle is now completely disconnected and wearing her own clothes again!  They finally got all the babies monitored for the time they needed and she was able to get off all the monitors. She got to walk to the bathroom (not taking that for granted any more!) and actually take a shower with a glove on her left hand to cover the IV port.  She even got the okay to do a lap around labor & delivery.  Unfortunately, we didn't get the okay for me to push her in a wheelchair for a stroll off the floor. =(  But she ordered a pretty tasty panini for lunch along with a chocolate chip cookie.  She also ordered some hummus and veggies and chips for me to snack on. 

Our little walk around the hall wiped her out so she's sleeping now.  She's feeling pretty good, but her lower legs and feet are pretty swollen and I don't like that one bit.  (swelling can be associated with preeclampsia)  =(  But we'll see what the urine test says and just roll with the punches.  I chatted briefly with my boss Annie this afternoon and she's being super great.  After the game I need to go to the grocery store and then bring my file box in to get some paperwork organized and make a tentative work plan for if Michelle has to stay.  I'm going to hate to leave her here at all, but I think we need me to save as many paid days off for when the babies are actually here.  So I'm going to look at it and see if I can maybe do some shorter days so I can spend nights here, or maybe something where I plan to work a long day, spend the night at home, work the following morning, and then head back here.  I really need to get to the library to get some good books on tape.  We're going to be spending a lot of money on gas over the next few weeks in this scenario, but we'll figure it out.  Of course, all of this is up in the air based on what we learn tonight and will be "play it by ear" each day because I'll only leave if Michelle is doing well. 

So more of the same...just wait & see & hope =)

p.s. GO PACK GO!!! =)


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