Friday, September 13, 2013

Emotional rollercoaster...

Well, we were definitely on an emotional high after Tuesdays visit to Danville where everyone was just pleased as punch at how big the babies are and how close they are in size. Everyone seemed pretty confident we'd make it to the scheduled C-section on October 16th.

Today has been another story... Last night Michelle was having a hard time sleeping and just feeling generally uncomfortable. She was feeling anxious and down about it.  She also felt some cramping that felt like low level menstrual cramps. She'd felt something similar Tuesday morning and mentioned it to the Danville OB.  He said she should call if she felt that again, so we called this morning & they had us come in. The first thing the did was a physical exam and fetal fibronectin test. The doc said her cervix felt a little soft and open just a bit, but only on the outside. If the fetal fibronectin test is negative then I guess it's unlikely that she'll go into labor in the next two weeks. But we've read that this test isn't necessarily accurate with multiples so who knows. We won't get those results back until at least tomorrow.  

After those tests it was time for a quick ultrasound to check cervical length and the babies heart rates. Babies all look good, but Michelle's cervix has shortened a lot and is now only 1.4cm long. They'd really like it to still be about 2.5 cm.  So after the ultrasound they did a modified non stress test to monitor for contractions.  Usually during a non-stress test they monitor both the babies heart rates and contractions, but Grays Woods only has a single fetal monitor and had just looked at the babies on the ultrasound so we just used the contraction monitor part.  Michelle hung out in a recliner with monitor strapped on. There are some low level, fairly infrequent contractions but they didn't seem too concerned.  Michelle couldn't feel anything internally when the monitor showed the contraction and neither of us could feel it from the outside either.  The doctor called MFM in Danville and they just said to get the booster steroid shot today, no need to go to Danville.  They just recommended rest and lots of fluids. And obviously to call if she feels the cramping again or has any bleeding or fluid leaking.

So all that and nothing really changes, except that I think we are most definitely on higher alert now. In all likelihood, the babies would be fine even if they were born today, but we sure would like them to keep on cookin', at least for a few more weeks. I'm definitely feeling a little extra pressure now to get my files in order for work and to get a few more meals in the freezer. And I think we'll err on the side of caution and make sure Michelle is really resting and off her feet as much as possible over the next couple weeks. The OB in Danville said it is pretty normal for the uterus to contract a bit in response to this much stretching, but it still makes us a little nervous. Michelle is feeling down about all of this, wanting to be the "rockstar" triplet prego, but this isnt her fault and is out of our control! Plus, she already is a rockstar in my book!  Michelle's fundal height measured 47cm today so her body thinks it is 7 weeks overdue! So not too surprising that it is starting to prepare to get these babies out, but here's hoping it can hold out a while longer! Send lots of incubating energy Michelle's way over the next couple of weeks!!


  1. Aww man, i planned a surprise dance party for the birthday girl...guess I'll call and cancel the disco ball :)

  2. Os said, "Can I look at this picture all day? She looks pretty."


    And, now, Rudy wants me to suggest "Rory" as a possible boy name. Don't worry, he won't be offended when you don't take him up on the offer. He tried the same thing when Stan was being named.


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