Monday, September 16, 2013

We get to go home!!!

Hooray!  This morning we got the good news that we get to go home!  Yipee!  Michelle's 24hr urine test came back okay, her cervix hasn't changed since yesterday, and the periodic monitoring of the babies looks good.  So now we just wait for them to complete discharge paperwork.  We want to make sure we can talk to the docs before we go though because we want to have a clear plan of attack for any future episodes of contractions.  I think our plan of attack will likely just be to come back here, but would like to get clarification on that.

I've packed up all our bags and am realizing I'm going to either have to take two trips or be quite the pack horse on the walk back to the car. =)  I think we're both happy and a little apprehensive about going home.  I think we will both feel better if we do get a really clear plan from the docs re: the care going forward.  Should she be on modified bedrest?  Should we just come straight here with any sign of contractions recurring or could they give her the meds that stopped them this time at home or locally?  If so, at what point do we come here?  Should we be scheduled for weekly non-stress tests (monitoring)?  Michelle's legs continue to be very swollen, to the point where the swelling limits her range of motion in her knees and ankles a bit.  So we also want to know what we can do for that.  We've asked to take a pair of ted stockings home so we have that option. Hopefully, we'll be able to get clear answers to all of our questions before we leave.  Getting to go home today should mean that Michelle gets to celebrate her birthday at home this weekend!  =)

packed and ready to go home!! (for now anyway)

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  1. I didn't realized we had birthdays in common, Michelle! Mine is on Sunday. Yours Saturday? So happy to hear you're going home and that those babies can cook longer while you get to relax without devices beeping. Happy Birthday!



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