Friday, August 30, 2013

This belly is no joke folks! 29 weeks

We've been sticklers so far about only taking belly pics every two weeks, but we made an exception this week!  Every day I'm amazed by Michelle's belly and have been wanting to do a bare belly shot for you all so you could truly appreciate it. Today is your lucky day!

On Wednesday we had our local OB appointment and Michelle finally broke the 200lb mark! She's been awfully close the last few visits but this time she finally did weighing in at 202! We were happy because last time she had not gained any weight and we didn't want that trend to continue for the babies' sake.  

As usual that local OB visit kinda seemed like a waste of time but we did get another pic of the three heads now that they've shifted positions a bit and their heads are kind of in a diagonal line from Michelle's right ribs to her left pelvis. Okay here are the pics you've been waiting for! (When Michelle saw the belly pictures above she said "WOAH!  I guess that's why I'm so uncomfortable!")
the belly up close and personal!!

side view with hands for perspective

triplet heads!  Baby B is way in the back of the belly and hard to see now

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  1. That's what I'm talkin' bout! :-)

    And...Michelle how are you doing that w/out getting stretch marks? Not fair! :-)


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