Saturday, August 3, 2013

Special deliveries!!! (no, don't worry...the babies have NOT come yet!)

Wow, getting the mail has been never been more fun than it has in the past couple of months.  We've ordered enough things online and gotten enough packages that we know who delivered the packages by where they are; FedEx delivers at the front door, UPS delivers to the carport, and USPS stuffs things in the mailbox and when they can't manage that it's the carport. This week we got a couple of things we ordered for the baby room including the changing pad and some more organizing bins from IKEA.

Baby closet organization
In July we got some packages from our shower like three portable high chairs, an ergo carrier, and some rumparooz diaper covers.  We also got some unexpected packages which was even more exciting!   Michelle's mom, Denise, sent us another batch of mini-crib sheets, two nightgowns and a cute striped maternity shirt.  Our old rugby teammate Bri sent a package of clothes and other goodies, which was a total surprise!  My mom sent a package of little surprises too; there were a couple of small insulated lunch coolers which will probably come in handy for transporting pumped milk and some yummy dried pineapple and mango!!  My mom and dad also sent a check in our anniversary card saying we had to spend the money on something that will be hard for us to do in a couple months!  (Soooo many things fit into that category that it's hard to decide...a movie, dinner, anything outside our house really!) 

We got a package of diapers and wipes from Alison whose note said "don't send a thank have way too many other things to do!" =)  And a couple weeks ago we got a HUGE box full of baby goodies from Kim, a mom of an adorable little guy I used to work with.  Her son actually looks like a mini-me and was one of my favorite kiddos to work with. =)  Then today we got a check in the mail from Kim's mom with a sweet note that said "You made such a difference in our grandson's and Kim's lives.  We would love to make a small difference in your life. Wishing you the very best in this new adventure of 3 miracles. Enjoy every minute!"  Wow.  So   amazing.  I can't think of a more direct example of karma. =)

Cute baby boy clothes from Bri
We are so grateful for these and all the gifts and general outpouring of support we've received from friends and family near and far.  Speaking of far...I love checking out the "stats" for our blog and seeing that people have checked out our blog in Europe, Russia, China, Australia, Peru, Iceland, and Malaysia! 


  1. You are so much more "on it" than we were!

  2. You both deserve to enjoy your three babies without worrying about little things like hats and socks. I know it will be overwhelming in the beginning ( or is now....) but they will also bring so much happiness amongst the chaos. All the best! Bri
    (and I also share Alison's sentiment about TY notes)


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