Thursday, August 29, 2013

The doctor is in the house...

Sorry for my absence as of late, but as Michelle mentioned in the last post, I have been frantically working on my final project for my doctorate and defended on Friday!  The good news is I passed and am officially Dr. Therrien now! =)  It's still a little surreal and I can't quite believe I am actually done!  I haven't started signing things with my initials yet because it's just such a habit to do it the old way. I tried today and it took a lot of thought! 

Of course my degree is done, but as usual, the work isn't quite done.  My committee really wants me to try to publish this study so now I need to cut my paper down to 15 pages, do some revisions, change the referencing format, and submit it.  It shouldn't take that long, but I have a little more immediate project on my plate.  I am teaching a class next Weds on motor development for Michelle's interdisciplinary seminar class so I need to get slides together for that before working on revisions.  My goal is to get my paper submitted for publication before these babies arrive because otherwise it might never happen!  It is tricky though when your "deadline" is a moving target!  Michelle has been working really hard the past couple of weeks to get her candicacy paper done so that is completed pre-baby too.  She won't be able to defend until after the babies come most likely, but at least the paper will be in to her committee.

I took last weekend completely off from school-type work and it was pretty lovely.  I did some cooking and we put two soups in the freezer for when the babies come.  I'd really like to get a lot more meals frozen before these kiddos arrive.  I know that people will be bring food over, but I'm a pretty tricky person to cook for an the usual lasagna/casserole-type things aren't too easy to make gluten-free and dairy-free (I do eat goat cheeses and regular butter, but still...).  This week we bought a deep freezer off Craigslist so now we have plenty of space to store both breastmilk and freezer meals.  Last night I made a big pan of mexican lasagna for dinner so half of that can go into the deep freezer too.

our Mexican lasagna
Our new freezer...ready for us to get cookin


  1. Congrats! Enjoy a brain break - those are KEY!

  2. Here's a website that can help organize when people bring you meals:
    That way you want get a bunch of meals all at once, and everyone won't bring the same thing! And if you send out the might spur some people into making you a meal!

  3. You two are amazing, productive, organized people...who are about to have chaos arrive! : ) Glad to see you got a freezer. And we are so relieved for you,Mari, and proud of you both in so many ways.

  4. Wow!!! That top belly picture is insane! I have a great gluten free meatloaf recipe that freezes well! It is my go-to meal to make for gluten intolerant friends after they have a baby or surgery! Let me know if you want it, or if you already have a recipe of your own! - Kathrine (2Brides)


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