Tuesday, August 13, 2013

And the baby room is complete!!

We've been working on this a little bit at a time for weeks and today we got the last pieces to pull it all together! We hope you enjoy the picture tour of the Therrien triple(t) threat nursery =)
Guess the date calendar from the
Chicago shower that's on the door
Entering the room
Baby A's crib, the dresser/changing table, & the organized closet

Baby B & Baby C's cribs

View from the closet back towards the door

We had fun putting the baby room together and got help from lots of people.  We got the wall decals from a woman in Seattle that we found on Etsy and ended up ordering more after the first set to fill in a few gaps.  We just happened onto the blue and green things hanging from the ceiling over each crib at the local kids resale shop and thought they'd fit in great and be perfect little pseudo-mobiles.  Michelle's sister Tracy helped take off the closet doors and got the curtains for us.  She also helped us sort, wash, and fold baby clothes.  My sister Kate and Michelle's mom Denise both sewed mini-crib sheets for us which was a big help and saved a lot of money.  And our friend (and my boss) Annie sewed the window valance and crib skirts that finished off the room today!  Thanks to everyone who helped us make this room a fun place for our babies!!


  1. Looks wonderful and very well put together! But it certainly isn't complete - that won't happen until the babies are here sillies!

  2. Looks awesome!!! Lucky babies!!


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