Thursday, August 22, 2013

28 Weeks! Belly pics...

It's Michelle post number 2 for me.  Mari is busy prepping for her advanced practice project defense tomorrow afternoon, so I am trying to keep our readers happy by posting very flattering pictures of myself (sarcasm).  We were excited because we actually remembered to take this week's picture during the day and we thought the lighting would be better, but in comparing the two, I like the 26 wk better, so maybe we've been doing it right all along!  The belly is continuing to grow, which is good as we want these babies to put on at least a pound and a half each before they decide to make their appearance!  Like any good (read: paranoid) 1st time triplet mom, I do a new google search each week: "## wks + triplets" and this week I came across two blogs of women who made it to 37 weeks with their triplets...a good sign, I'm thinking! Here's a picture of the belly, taken on Wed at exactly 28 wks, with the 26 week picture to compare.  It's funny because it's only one day later and I already think I look bigger than this!

A lot of people have been asking how I'm feeling, and my quick answer has been "pretty good, actually".  I've slept more than 5 hrs a night ever since that horrendous stretch of no sleep a few weeks ago, and I've been napping in the afternoons, but that's given me the energy to work on my schoolwork in the morning, which is a very good thing.  Unfortunately, last night saw a return to insomnia land, and I'm REALLY hoping it doesn't last.  My fingers are crossed for tonight!  


  1. I can't wait to see these three little ones!! Keep up the hard work you two! Couldn't think of two people who could handle the demands of three bundles of joy at once aside from you two:)

  2. Very proud of both of you for being such amazing planners and preparers:) Keep up the good work, and grow, little babies, grow!

  3. michelley,
    You look PHENOMENAL!
    XOXOX, L


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