Monday, August 19, 2013

Full day of doctor appointments! Latest ultrasound pics

Full day doctor appointments are tiring!  We left our house around 9:30 this morning and got home just a little before five.  We started the day meeting with the NICU social worker, Mindy.  She was very nice and gave us a brief rundown on some things we could expect if our babies have to go to the NiCU. We didn't have a ton of questions but some things were good to know. We learned that up to three people can be at each kiddos bedside in the NICU at a time (not like we will have ever have that many!) and that visiting hours are 24/7.  All visitors have to come in with us, though we can call and give special permission for grandparents to visit on their own, which might be nice.  We also learned that, unfortunately, if all three babies go to the NICU, it is unlikely that they will all be in the same "pod" or area of the NICU, and may even be in three different pods.  The idea behind that is similar to how hosts seat people at restaurants because they don't want to overwhelm a pod with three new babies at once.  But it is a bummer for us because visiting the babies in the NICU will be a little trickier if they aren't right by each other.  They did say they would work to move them closer eventually, but it wouldn't happen right away.  I'm picturing myself following the babies to the NICU right after they are born and wearing a groove in the floor as I go from baby to baby to make sure they are all doing okay.  

After a bit, Mindy took us up to a meeting room where we met with a fellow from Maternal Fetal Medicine, the head of neonatology, the social worker, and the nurse who did our childbirth education sessions.  The fellow from MFM is a guy we met n our first visit and were lessee than impressed with then, and he didn't do anything to change that opinion today, but the neonatologist seemed like a nice, down to earth guy and he was pretty positive about expectations for our babies.  He said that if the babies make it to 35 weeks in utero and are born weighing 4.5 lbs then they won't have to go to the NICU unless there are other concerns.  So that is obviously our goal!  We would love to have triplets that don't have to go to the NICU at all!  

After that meeting Mindy took us on a quick tour of the NICU where we got to see the pods, which really will be a pain because they are around corners from each other, but oh well. We saw lots of little tiny babies in there today.  Their max capacity is 40 babies and they had 38 today so they are pretty busy right now! The NICU is definitely a little intimidating, but is pretty much what we expected I guess.  I've heard only good things from families I work with who were in the Danville NICU so that is comforting.

We were happy we had packed a quinoa salad because we had about ten minutes to eat lunch in the lobby between the tour and the ultrasound.  Michelle has a love-hate relationship with the ultrasounds now because the last two have been pretty uncomfortable for her.  This one was better than the past two, but her restless legs inevitably drive her nuts trying to be still for that long.  It is really getting harder to see what's going on in there because it's just a mess of baby parts in there now!  It was especially hard for the tech to measure baby Bs head because her head is squished between the other two's tough being the middle child already!

Good news is the babies are doing very well. Baby A has regained the lead in size, weighing in at 2lbs12oz, which it's him in the 72nd percentile!  The girls were within a gram of each other, weighing in at 2lbs11oz, so they were in the 63rd percentile.  Keep in mind, all these percentiles are for single babies, so basically they a rock stars!  We are so happy that they are all still growing well!  The doctor told Michelle she is "knocking it out of the park" and to just keep it up and he will see us in four weeks! Here are the pics, which were NOT too easy to get, especially for baby B!


  1. la la la this makes me happy!

  2. So thankful things are going so well and that the babies are growing by leaps and bounds!

  3. We know Mindy well. Glad your little ones are growing well! Way to go to both of you for all that you're doing for this little peeps you're growing!


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