Thursday, August 15, 2013

It can be done!

Okay, well, it looks like we can keep the Rav4!  Last night the Chicco KeyFit car seats (read, our last chance) arrived and I installed them in the back of the Rav.  After spending two hours with two different car seat installation gurus I feel like I'm pretty darn good at installing infant car seats.  It took some wrangling, as it always does, but all the bases are secure and I can get all the seats in.  It takes a bit of wiggling, but they fit!  

Now, I have to admit that my initial gut reaction to this was disappointment because I was starting to get excited about getting a Prius V. =)  But, we need to be practical and with all the unknowns we're facing in the coming months and the potential for some big expenses (formula, diapers, etc), unpaid time off work and my student loan payments starting up again, not having a $400/mo car payment seems like a good idea.  Good thing we didn't do anything rash on Friday.  Friday morning, just when we were getting ready to leave for Pittsburgh, the car smelled like a dead animal.  We took it to a dealership in Pittsburgh, and sure enough, the car smelled like THREE dead mice that crawled up into our A/C-heater-blower system and died.  YUK!!!  I seriously considered trading it in right then and there and buying a Prius V!  But cooler heads prevailed (ie Michelle) and we just let them fix it. =)  The new KeyFits are pretty nice looking and should work out just great. And we will just keep this car and run it into the ground and maybe then we'll both have "real jobs" and be able to afford that Prius V. =)  

  Here are the pics of the car seats! We're still going to get them triple-checked by the police officer who originally helped us out, but I'm pretty confident they will pass.  I'm also emailing the car seat "guru", Kelly, the pictures just to make sure she thinks they look okay, but I feel pretty good about them. Even put two big jars of beans in one seat to make sure it didn't seem like too much jostling to get the seats to click in. =)

room for our family of five!! *that still sounds weird to say!
Good thing we aren't very tall!


  1. Wow- you certainly have been working hard to make this work! I am glad I am not the one to get three babies into these seats, however.

  2. I like that y'all can do musical car seats. Just switcherooo...and now Baby A is in the middle. Nope, B. Nope, C! That's funny!


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