Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Three weeks and counting

Wow, I didn't blog the entire month of May!  That is the first month I have missed in the past three years!  To be fair though, this past month has been insanely busy around here.  I was anticipating that my workload would be gradually dropping off before the move since I wouldn't get new referrals when we were moving in just a couple of months, but we've been so busy at work that I have gotten a couple of new kiddos.  So I've still been working about 25hrs a week and then trying to pack, take care of things for the home-buying process, spend quality time with our friends here before we leave and just keep things afloat here.  I really need to find some time to get things moving forward for my business once we move, but that hasn't happened yet.  Oh yeah, I haven't written in so long that many of you probably don't know that when we move I'll be starting my own pediatric therapy business, Little Explorers Pediatric Therapy.  I'm excited, but also a little overwhelmed.

I've been anticipating a surge of toddler insanity around here because of the stress of the move, but so far the kiddos have been doing pretty well with it.  They are very excited about having a pool at our new house in Florida!  And most of the time they are excited about getting "big kid beds" when we move too, though this week Ellie has been saying she wants to take her little bed. =)  We've been talking with them a lot about the move and things that will happen so they can be prepared.  Certainly, the hardest thing for all of us is going to be missing our friends here.  Once or twice one of them, most often Avery, has said "I stay here with Hopey and Aimee when you go to Florida."  We are all really going to miss both of our nannies!  And I am going to miss our amazing group of Moms of Multiples here!  We met because we all have multiples, but it's so great when somewhere along the way you realize you would have been friends with these people anyway.  Our friend Lindsay who has two sets of twins is moving at the end of June too so we are all feeling the upcoming loss of our friend group!  The kiddos are definitely going to miss their little buddies too!  So we've been spending a lot of time together lately.
picnic with our buddies
exploring the waterways at the arboretum
Okay, so I wrote those first two paragraphs before the weekend!  This weekend I got a ton of packing done, but with that chaos came the much anticipated surge of toddler insanity.  Michelle and I have been calming ourselves with reminders that "we are moving. they are stressed. this tantrum/whining/etc is not about xyz in the moment" over and over again.  It helps to have someone give you that verbal reminder or even to say it out loud to yourself!  After this big round of packing I'm feeling a little better about our ability to be ready when the movers come on the 27th but I know there is still a lot to do.  Last night I spent the post-bedtime time researching the steps I need to take, forms I need to fill out, etc to formally launch my new business too so that feels good.

my little helpers
Even amidst the chaos of packing this weekend I do have to give the kiddos credit for some really nice independent play this weekend that certainly helped me get more done!  They also helped me pack, decorate, and tape boxes!

dump truck car wash
this fun bedroom fort was a winner
attempted carrying to the big box

Hard to believe we have less than four weeks here in PA.  I was ready to leave ten minutes after we got here four years ago and while I am actually very excited for our new adventures in Florida I am really going to miss a lot of things about this place, especially the great community of people we have met here!

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