Thursday, April 14, 2016

Auntie Tracy takes on the Triple(t) Threat

Early in March Michelle and I were really debating whether to bring the kiddos down to Tallahassee with us for our house hunting trip.  We were actually leaning towards bringing them since we didn't know who would want to hang out with them for four or five days (or rather, who would feel up to the task!) and we thought maybe it would be good for them to see where we were moving and get a quick visit in with Kate.  We were on the phone with Tracy one night and she actually volunteered to fly down to watch the kiddos for us.  We must have asked her ten times if she was serious and was really up for it, but she insisted that she was.

We left on Wednesday afternoon and Hope took the first shift watching them that first night and the next day until Tracy's flight arrived.  We haven't left them since that very first time last November and on that trip the one time we Facetimed them it made them sad so we didn't do it again.  This time they were just fine with it so we got to hear about their adventures with Auntie Tracy over Facetime.  All in all it seems like they had a great time with Tracy and Tracy took it all in stride.  In fact, she was very brave and took them out to a restaurant by herself multiple times and drove them an hour and half to the mall in Harrisburg to go to Build-A-Bear!!!  Michelle and I both thought she was nuts for making that trek, but she did it and they LOVE their bunnies & bear.

eating out at a mexican restaurant with Tracy
not so thrilled about the pic, but they do love their creations!
showing off their bunnies
silly boy who let Tracy spike his hair
It is no easy task to be solo with triplet two year olds (as Tracy now knows first hand!), but she rocked it and the kids had a great time.  We can't thank her enough!  Hopefully as they get a little older it will get even more manageable and Michelle and I will be able to get away for a fun vacation sometime!  The trip to Tallahassee was anything but relaxing, but it was productive and that's what matters!

Tracy stayed for Easter too, which was more fun this year.  Avery LOVED hunting for Easter eggs!  Here are some cute Easter pics:

dying eggs with toddlers means eating 1/4 of all the dyed eggs five min later!
new Frozen sunglasses
our little egg hunter!
showing off her stash
cutest little easter bunny!
pushing her bunny at the park
Avery giving her bear in a bunny costume a ride down the slide

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