Saturday, April 27, 2013

Telling the Therriens

Well the whole Therrien crew was together in Hawaii and knew we had done the test so we had to tell them that day.  We were having an early birthday party for Abigail so we decided to do it then.  I made a gift certificate to put in her card that said "Gift certificate redeemable this Halloween for a baby cousin." Kate read it to herself and gave us a big smile so I told her to read it out loud.  It took everyone else, except Vicky, a while to get it and eventually I think I just said it out loud,  My mom started crying and there were lots of hugs all around.

Of course..none of us knew at that time that the gift certificate should have been for THREE baby cousins!  We got the faxed copy of the HCG results from Nina that night and it was a terrible copy.  Nina had told Michelle it said 95 which would have been in the low average range.  But it kinda looked like there was a faint number 1or 7 to the right of the five so we all took bets on whether it was 95 or 950 something. (As you can probably guess...when Nina mailed the actual report it w indeed 951).  And for anyone who doesn't know what the heck I'm talking about HcG is the hormone they measure to determine pregnancy...and really high numbers can, but are not always, suggestive of multiples.  When we got home we had repeat HcG tests run and the number kept skyrocketing, fast than expected, so the doc at University Health Services told Michelle to prepare for twins...

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