Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MadGab fun for sharing the news with friends

One night Michelle and I probably spent an hour online looking for creative ways to share the news with Marty, Carrie, and Carrie (our roomies from Seattle).  Turns out the are lots of fun and lots of really dumb ways to tell people you are pregnant!  We finally settled on a MadGab because we have played this game together in the past.  If you aren't familiar with this game, you should google it because it is lots of fun, but basically you get a card with a string of words like "oak Abe Abe" and you read it out loud until you can figure out the common phrase that it sounds like. (In case you haven't gotten it yet...the example I gave says "okay babe").  In fact, one night at a happy hour a bunch of us made up our own MadGab phrases and texted them to each other. (Yup, we're THAT cool!)

So we video chatted with MCsquared (Marty, Carrie, & Carrie) and sent them this text while chatting: "gay swat wee arf eye null leap egg nut." See the attached video to watch them figure it out. It is pretty great!  MC^2 MadGab videochat

We used this same text to share the news with Scooter & Margo and Quita too.  We were with Quita and she was pretty hilarious to watch too.  I wish we'd videotaped her!

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