Friday, May 3, 2013

A little scare...that turned into, well, shock...

So we went to Seattle at the end of March to celebrate our good friends Scooter and Margo's wedding.  It was a wonderful weekend and so great to see so many good friends.  It felt a little like rewinding the clock a couple years before so many of us moved away.  It was fun to share the news that we were pregnant in person too.  On Sunday we had an Easter egg hunt and brunch before we headed to the airport for a red-eye flight home.  That red-eye might have seemed like a good idea when we bought the tickets but we were already dreading it before we were told that our flight from DC to State College was cancelled because of an impending snow storm!  We got rebooked on US Air through Philly which meant losing out aisle seats and getting middles for the overnight flight!

We were a wreck by the time we got to Philly because we hadn't slept much at all, Michelle was nauseous and puked up her bagel, and we were both a little freaked out because she had some bleeding on the flight.  Oh and it was snowing like mad and our flight to SCE kept getting delayed. The OB office told us to call when we got to State College and they would try to squeeze us in for an ultrasound just to make sure everything still looked okay.  About two hours later we finally boarded our flight home...and then proceeded to sit on the plane on the ground for over two hours!!  They served us cookies and drinks to help keep us quiet but it was pretty miserable, especially for poor Michelle who still felt pretty sick. :(

When we finally made it back to State College around 1:30 we called Geisinger (the OB office) and they were able to squeeze us into the schedule at 4pm so we went home to take a nap before the appointment. We got to the appointment and they called us back. The ultrasound machine only had one smallish screen so Michelle couldn't see while the tech as doing the scan but she told her she'd look around and then see if she could find a cause for the bleeding and would then show Michelle everything.  I could see the screen and just held Michelle's hand nervously waiting and hoping to see a black blob appear on the screen.  We weren't quite seven weeks in so at that point you pretty much just see the yolk sac and a blob of cells called the "fetal pole."  After two years of fertility treatments Michelle and I have gotten pretty good at reading ultrasounds.  I was pretty sure that I saw not just one, but two black blobs but didn't want to say anything until the tech said something and showed Michelle.  Well, I was right-ish...a minute or so later (which felt like an eternity) the tech said, "Well, I don't see any cause for the bleeding, everything looks good. But, I'm going to be busy because I have three babies to measure here!"  

We were, well, shocked.  I'm not even sure we said anything other than maybe something like "three? really?!  We held it together, but when the tech left to get the doc and Michelle got dressed she said "I wanted to be crying happy tears, but instead I just feel like crying."  The PA we had seen at our first visit came in, basically just told us she would be referring us to Danville to the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists who handle the high risk pregnancies, and that they would call us to schedule.  We walked out in a daze and I immediately started thinking about practical things like "um, can we even fit three carseats across the backseat of the Rav4?"  Our list of things to be nervous about was getting pretty long so we decided we needed to start a mental list of things to be excited about too because we have obviously waited a long time to have a baby.  And now we are having THREE!!!

Here's the ultrasound pic of all three! A, B & C
got this in the mail from my mom!


  1. Wow, check out that crazy ultrasound image!

  2. I'm late to the party, but thought I should mention the Radian convertible carseat. It's rear, then later front-facing, 5 lbs - something or other. They're 17" wide.

    If your RAV4 has 52.4" of rear hip room, you could fit 3 of these badboys, with no problem. Of course, it isn't the baby-carrier, drop in style.


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