Sunday, May 12, 2013

The months ahead and key dates

We wrote out a timeline of the rest of the pregnancy so we would have a better idea of when key milestones would fall. Here's what we outlined:

May 28th: 16 weeks-next appt at Danville with Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) & growth ultrasound
June 3: move into new house!
June 25th: 20 weeks- another MFM & ultrasound this week
July 6th: baby shower weekend in Chicago
July 23rd: 24 weeks-another MFM & ultrasound with cardiologist this week (this is a big milestone because survival rate goes up to 60% for babies born at 24wks)
August 20th:28 weeks- another big milestone because lungs are mature and survival jumps to 95%!! If it hasn't happened already we will probably be going to Danville weekly for MFM visits by now.
September 17th: 32 weeks- this is average gestation for triplets so we definitely need to be ready!
September 21st: Michelle's 33rd birthday! (hopefully we'll be celebrating this birthday w/o babies!)
Septenber 24th: 33 weeks
October 1st: 34 weeks
October 8th: 35 weeks
October 15th: 36 weeks- this is the latest they will let us go so the babies will definitely be here by this time!

So needless to say we are really hoping not to meet thise babies until October but we need to be ready way before then!  

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