Saturday, May 11, 2013

Queasy, antsy, & itchy....

As those of you who have been pregnant, or been married to someone who is pregnant, can attest to, it's not easy and certainly not always fun.  Although the morning sickness hasn't been as bad as it could be, having your stomach feel "off" pretty much every day for a few hours still isn't fun.  And sometimes when your tummy feels yucky all you want to do is lay down and rest, but that's not always an option for Michelle because her restless leg syndrome has been even more obnoxious since she's been pregnant.  So she'll lay down at night, or during the day, and her legs will get that antsy, gotta move feeling in them making it hard to stay still and almost impossible for her to sleep. Typically, the go to remedies are to sleep on her stomach, take ibuprofen or tylenol PM, and/or take a hot bath.  Now it's a little trickier because she's not going to take any ibuprofen PM, it's already not very comfortable to sleep on her stomach, and the bath has to be less hot and it seems like taking lots of baths might contribute to pregnancy complaint number three...itchy skin!  Oy!  The itchiness has been a tough one.  People say your skin on your belly and breasts gets itchy from stretching out, but Michelle's itchy in lots of spots including her back and legs.  We've tried all sorts of things including pine tar soap, lathering her head to toe in coconut oil or cocoa butter, oatmeal baths, mint tea compresses, changing laundry detergent, soap, etc.  And yet the itchiness continues.  The intense lotion does seem help a bit and has become a nightly ritual, but some nights it's still pretty tough.  We'll just keep trying things and hope something helps!  I remember when I had chicken pox as a kid and we painted our bodies with calamine lotion using foam paintbrushes...maybe that's next! =)

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