Sunday, May 19, 2013

Packing, packing, & more packing!

Here's how we've been spending our last couple of weekends!  The house we're renting now is being sold and we have to be out by the 31st.  We were temporarily in a tricky spot because we weren't supposed to be in our new house until June 1st, but I sweet talked our way into the new house a little early in exchange for helping with the usual tenant turnover tasks.  So now we're moving next Sunday afternoon and it feels so great to know that is just a week away!  We can't wait to get into the new house and start settling in.  And of course we're excited to set up a nursery too but I think we need to get our stuff settled first!  The new house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs along with a mostly finished basement with another bathroom.  The house also has a nice open great room with a fireplace and a screened in porch!  We are so lucky that we got this bigger house because we signed the lease before we even knew we were pregnant, nevermind knowing about the triplets!
 The great thing about having all this space is that we have room not just for the babies, but for some long term help!  So for all of you reading this, there will always be a bedroom waiting for you when you want to come hold babies!  We have also recruited some part-time live in help which we think will help us maintain some level of sanity.  I recruited one of the Penn State rugby girls to help us out for 15-20 hours a week for free room & board (and pay).  She currently works at one of the daycare centers on campus and loves babies so we think she'll be a great fit and a huge help. She is looking forward to living with "real people" who regularly wash their dishes. =)  It feels good to know that at least sometimes we will have the same number of adults in the house as babies so we can play "man to man defense."

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