Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

We didn't talk about it at all ahead of time, but Michelle and I each got the other person a gift for Mother's Day. Michelle got me a gift certificate for a massage to thank me for taking such good care of her during this pregnancy.  And I got her a cute little silver necklace with three small circles/disks on it to symbolize our little trio.  I looked and looked on etsy for necklaces to symbolize the triplets including "3 peas in a pod" necklaces but most of them were pretty big and not our style so I went with this really small, subtle one instead. 

I was also planning on surprising Michelle with this blog for Mother's Day, but I got sloppy and left it open on the iPad one day last week and she happened upon it.  So much for that surprise.  Oh well.  Right now we are sitting at Webster's bookstore enjoying our own little mother's day brunch with live music from local musicians and, of course, doing some homework.

I'm sure that by this time next year it will be even more true, but I already find that just in these early days of preparation that I am thinking about my mom a lot.  And am continually in awe of what an amazing and wonderful mother she has been to me.  I have no doubt that Michelle and I will continue to grow in our gratitude to our mothers as we are immersed in our own journey into motherhood.  So, Happy Mother's Day to our moms, and to all moms out there!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and feel appreciated for everything you do and are for your children.

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