Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Drumroll please....

We are having two girls and a boy!!  Baby A is a boy and hanging out on his side on the bottom of the uterus, and Baby B & Baby C are both girls and they are both breech and basically sitting on their brother already. =)  It's kind of mind-bending to try to picture that when you see the picture below so you'll just have to trust us.  We are both soooo happy to have a mix of genders!
The big reveal!  Only possible way to get all three in one screenshot & this was NOT easy to get!
Our little boy, is really not the little one.  He's measuring around 6oz now, with both girls weighing in at 5oz. Crazy to think about how little they still are and yet how "put together" they are already!  Today was the first of two anatomy scans.  Typically people have one anatomy scan at 18-20 weeks but with three babies there is a lot of anatomy to get through and by the time they are 20 weeks they might be so squishy that it will be hard to see some things!  Until now the "growth measurement" has been measuring "crown to rump" (top of head to butt!) length but now they're curling up so much that they've graduated to more detailed measurements.  Today they measured head circumference, abdominal circumference, and femur (thigh bone) and humerus (top arm bone) lengths to get their sizes.

Baby boy (A) profile shot

Baby girl B profile

And Baby girl C profile

 So we got to see lots of baby parts today!  They showed us their developing brains, beating (looks like wiggling!) hearts, tiny stomachs, umbilical cord attachments, bladders, and all four extremities.  By the time we were done measuring Baby A I was getting pretty good at reading the ultrasounds and could pick out most parts as she was moving around.  Last time the big change seemed to be that we could see their spines and this time we could see their ribs too.  Our baby boy was the most active again during this ultrasound though baby B woke up a little more once the tech started measuring her.  Baby C seems like she might be our calm one because she hasn't gotten too riled up either time.

Baby B's arm...waving hello

Baby A showing off his "man parts" =)

Baby C's legs...she was crossing & uncrossing them

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE ultrasound days now?!? (Michelle loves them too...sorry, that was selfish!)  I loved finding out how their little selves are positioned in there so that when I'm talking to them and sending them love I can picture them in there. Michelle has just started feeling little "flutters" of baby movement periodically over the past week or so, but it's definitely not noticeable by touching her belly.  Believe me, I've tried HARD and really concentrated and nothing. =)  All the placentas are anterior (toward the front) which means that it will be harder to feel kicks and such from the front because the placentas will cushion the blow so to speak.  This is totally disappointing because I can't wait to feel them moving, but I'm sure it will still happen, especially with three in there.  Okay, Kate texted to say "waiting impatiently for the afore-promised photos!" so I better close out this post and publish it!!!


  1. I love Baby Girl B waving to us and how Baby Girl C seems to be doing gymnastics in there! It's so funt o start to feel them moving around, and don't worry, Mari, before long you'll get to feel it too (and even see the belly dance!). I believe you about Baby A showing off his man parts, but I can't see it, which means he's less likely to hate you in his teenage years for posting it on the web! :)

  2. How miraculous is it to be able to get all of this information! Very incredible, I think. We are very happy for you ALL.

    Love from the grandparents in Hawaii.....

  3. WHAT!!!! It's crazy that you know so soon! I just read this tonight! Man it stinks that we don't get to see you three times a week anymore! Boo! Congratulations! So, Baby A= Abe Baby B=Beatrix and Baby C= ummm, still Myrtle! Haha just kidding! I am so excited for you girls!


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