Saturday, May 11, 2013

4, 8, and 12 week belly pics

We enjoyed seeing my sister Kate's "belly pics" as she progressed through her pregnancy so we thought we'd do the same.  So far we are taking them every four weeks but I think we need to switch to every two weeks because I already feel like I can tell a difference from week 12 to week 13.  And I'm sure we'll do every week this summer because the change will be more obvious as these three babies start competing for space!  When Michelle saw this line-up she said "man, I didn't realize how little I actually was in Hawaii!" (week 4)

4 weeks
8 weeks

12 weeks
 The biggest change from 4-8 weeks is definitely in the chest!  One of Michelle's professors (who knew we were doing IVF) said "I knew you were pregnant because your boobs are HUGE! Seriously, they're like 3 times the size!"  =)  By 12 weeks though, and especially now the belly is starting to catch up!  And having read other triplet blogs and seen their belly pics, I think by 20 weeks her chest will look tiny compared to the belly!

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