Tuesday, May 28, 2013

By the numbers...

I forgot to get this picture in there.  Probably not something many of you care about, but I've been tracking each of their measurements at each visit so I wanted to post this anyway.  Heartrates didn't get included on this chart, but Baby A was 153, Baby B was 142, and Baby C was 150, all of which are perfectly great numbers.  As has been the case every time so far Baby A is the biggest measuring almost a week ahead of schedule.  (today, they are technically 15 weeks, 6 days today).  In case you are wondering, I'll give you a decoder for all the initials below! 
AUA = Average Ultrasound Age
EDD = Estimated Delivery Date
EFW = Estimated Fetal Weight 
BPD = Bi-Parietal Diameter (width of their heads)
HC = Head Circumference
AC = Abdominal Circumference
FL = Femur Length
HL = Humerus Length


  1. Funny that Baby Girl C is the smallest in everything except for her big tummy!

  2. Michelle and Mari, Congratulations!!!!!!! I'm very happy for you. Enjoy this time and dont worry about being super practical. With 3 you will practical for a long time.
    I think its great you are blogging. I hope to read every entry so I can learn all about what you guys have been through. Again, Congratulations.

    Uncle Jim


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