Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Anticipation is building

I'm writing this blog post from the waiting room for MFM (maternal fetal medicine) in Danville, PA. Danville is about an hour and a half from State College and I have a feeling we are going to get to know this stretch of interstate 80 very well.  Today we only stopped once for Michelle to pee which I think is pretty good!  Her RLS was driving her crazy again and she said "tomorrow's going to be interesting" because she is driving 10 hours to Chicago by herself tomorrow! (Anyone want to take bets on how many stops or total time door to door?). :)

I think moving into the new house and knowing we had this MFM appointment have combined to increase our anticipation and excitement about the triplets! We spent some time trying to envision fitting three cribs in the baby room last night. It is going to be tricky with the window and closet placement!  Last night I took down some of the "old lady" stuff in the nursery-to-be and am excited to get it painted and start decorating.  And like I said in another post, the ultrasounds are my favorite part and in just a few minutes we will get to see our little alphabet again!  We should be able to get confirmation of genders today as long as they aren't being too shy!  And we will, I'm sure, have a whole bunch of new pictures to share!  More soon...

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  1. She better stop a LOT tomorrow or her mother will be very, very angry with her :)


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