Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Half Birthday Triple(t) Threat!

Wow!  We've all survived the first six months!  Go Therriens! =)  Seriously, it's kind of surreal that they are six months old already.  This is a fun age and we are really enjoying watching them learn new things practically every day.  I've got a post almost done about all the eating they've been doing lately that I've been trying to finish for a week now.  I'm not sure exactly why, but I'm having a really hard time finding time to blog over the past couple of weeks.  I even skipped out on Motor Monday last week and we'll see how tomorrow goes & whether I can whip something up for this Monday.  I hope I can carve out a little more consistent time somehow though because I really enjoy keeping up this blog and I keep thinking of things I want to remember about these days and I figure if I don't get them in the blog I don't have a chance of remembering!

We met some big milestones this month.  All three babies can now roll back to belly and they learned to do it within a week of eachother.  Avery was actually the first, but she did it in her swaddle and Ellie was the first to do it unswaddled.  All three can also do raspberries now which is pretty funny.  Avery was the first to figure that out with Isaiah close behind.  Ellie just figured it out this week and is pretty hilarious to watch because she concentrates soooo hard.  And of course we started solid foods, which I wrote about a bit already and have more to share, complete with videos if I ever finish that post!  All the babies are ticklish now too.  They're all really into interacting and this is great, but also hard because they're not as content to play on their own right now.  They've also started to really notice each other and are already bothering each other, grabbing toys someone else is playing with or reaching over and grabbing their hands or ears.  They've also started to really notice Humphrey and are constantly tracking him as he walks by.

Isaiah remains the big charmer of our trio.  That boy can whip out his sly flirty smile and bat his amazing eyelashes and we'll do just about anything for him.  With those big blue eyes I have a feeling he's going to break a lot of hearts in his life.  Hopefully though, living with two sisters, he'll learn how to treat the ladies well and at least do it gently. =)  Isaiah has been sick for the past week with a nasty cough and congestion.  Poor guy sounds pretty hoarse now, but I have to admit that it makes for an adorable sounding throaty laugh.  He loves to play "this little piggy"and seems to like being surprised, but more than anything in the world (okay, except maybe nursing), he LOVES to be naked!  Put this little guy on the changing table, in the tub, or on the floor on a waterproof pad and you're pretty much guaranteed a happy little boy.

Avery is still our feisty little hothead.  She's not shy about letting you know how she feels about things, that's for sure!  Avery really loves her moms and sometimes throws quite the fit when someone else is holding her, even with Hope, who has lived with us since they were born!  The other night Avery threw one of these fits at bedtime and was giving Hope a ton of attitude.  I walked in the bedroom and as soon as she saw me the crying stopped on a dime and her whole face lit up like it was Christmas morning.  We always feel so bad when she throws these fits for our helpers, but she sure does make her moms feel loved with those big "yay, it's my mommy" smiles.  Avery's the closest of all the babies to sitting up.  She can prop herself up on her arms for about 5 seconds when she's in the mood.  All the babies like to reach for faces right now, but Avery is particularly into it.  Oh and she loves kisses so she will grab your face and pull you in for a big open mouthed slobbery smooch.

Ellie continues to be our most even keeled baby, although she's been a bit of a crab the past few days.  Ellie, the one baby who I was so worried about and started in PT, has turned into quite the little mover and shaker!  She was the first to really get the back to belly roll and is the only one who has started to really "travel" by rolling multiple times in a row.  Ellie has a huge gummy smile that is super contagious.  Ellie is a real sweetie who likes to snuggle and is also super into kisses.  Like Avery she likes to return the kisses with a nice big open mouth kiss.  Ellie likes silly noises and laughs at her moms a lot.  She still likes to chat and will take turns making noises or laughing.

As per usual, getting a decent group shot was a challenge!  I think I need to learn photoshop so as the kids get older I can just photoshop the smiley ones of each all into one picture so I don't have to take as many pictures to get a decent one! =)

Later in the day I took a few pics with clothes on out on the couch too.  They didn't turn out quite like I pictured, but there were a couple of decent ones and a few that were just funny.  I'll toss those pics in another post so this one doesn't get too long!

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