Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fun in the Sun

While we were in Hawaii, despite all the sadness we did manage to have a little bit of fun.  My mom and Kate really wanted to take Abigail, now two, to the zoo and it turned into a family outing.  The Hilo rainforest zoo is small and has limited animals, but it's free and was still fun.

Kate, Abigail & Mom & Dad
Hope & Isaiah in their matching blues

Ellie & Mama

Avery & Mommy

Staying out of the sun =)

one of many wandering peacocks
(we did get to see one with tail feathers spread!)

the zoo is also like a botanical garden

so many pretty orchids
On the way home from the zoo we all stopped for lunch at Lucy's Taqueria.  It is owned by our friend Dani's old roller derby buddy and is the best Mexican food on the island.  If you find yourself in Hilo make sure that you stop by.  It was also one of Matt's favorite places to eat.  We also stopped by Rainbow Falls so Hope could see it.

On Monday, two days after the memorial we all went to the beach. We'd planned to go to Hapuna beach, but it happened to be a super windy day so we had to change plans & go to a more wind protected beach just up the road.  Sadly the sand isn't as nice, but we did get to do a little snorkeling.  It was Hope's first time swimming in the ocean so it was fun to take her out snorkeling.  She & I got to see a puffer fish and my mom and Kate had an amazing 20 minute swim with a huge old sea turtle.  This time of year the ocean is a little bit chilly for the babies but they did okay for a few minutes at a time.  We took more pics on Kate & Claude's waterproof camera so stay tuned for more beach pics soon, but here are the ones we had.

Grandparents & grandbabies

Avery & Auntie Vicky

goofy little dude

the beach is FUN

not a bad place for a snooze

Check out Ellie's big floppy sunhat from Abigail

playing with Mommy

She really liked it...I swear!

Three generations

check out Isaiah's beach hair

beach day is tiring!


  1. What lovely photos of your family, especially at the zoo and the beach. Lucy's is one of our favorite places to eat as well. Quick, cheap and good. Love the Panewa Zoo. The palms, orchids and vireyas are just stunning.


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