Saturday, April 5, 2014

More 6mo pics

Here are the shots from Wednesday afternoon as promised! Of course they had to be all dressed up to celebrate their half birthday!

Our "big kids" sitting up on the couch

well...kinda sitting (as Ellie & Isaiah slowly slide down)

Oops!  Lost one!

And we're back!

Oh man!  There we go again!  Time to move on Mom!

Isaiah says "Okay, now this I can do!!"  

Ellie says "beat this guys!"

Isaiah-"peace out guys!"

"Do these jeggings make my legs look fat?"

"Ooh, I got this sitting thing!"

"Jazz hands!"

"Oops!  Might've gone a little overboard with the jazz hands!"

Big boy!  LOVE this polo on him!

"Um, Mom...I don't feel to steady here!"

"Oh, yup, there I go again!"

"Ugh, I give up!"


"Wanna see my belly?"

"just kidding!"

"Ahaha!  Aren't I funny?!"
 I made the babies oatmeal banana pancakes for dinner to celebrate their half birthday.  Maybe we'll have to make a tradition out of this! =)
Isaiah trying his birthday pancake

Ellie's not so sure

"Um, Mom, where's the cake?!  I though birthdays
meant cake and you can't fool me with this "pan"-cake thing!"


  1. LOVE the jazz hands!
    These kids are so cute! Want to come to NJ and let me play with them and then give them back?

  2. Love all your pictures! The captions are a riot! Poor kids...when they get older they will roll their eyes and say, "Mooommmm". Please keep posting!


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