Monday, May 5, 2014

Help! Poop!

Today was a big day for poop! We left our hotel in Dayton around 9am after about five hours of sleep. I think we had at least one poopy diaper at every single stop on the way home, which in and of itself isn't a big deal except that I underestimated the number of wipes we'd need on this trip so by our last stop I had to resort to wet paper towels from the hotel bathroom. We finally made it home around five. Gotta love how six hour drives turn into eight hour drives!  Anyway, we get home, bring the babies in & get the babies on the floor to stretch out.

Michelle goes back to our room to go to the bathroom & yells "ah, poop!" As she almost walks right into Bailey poop on our bedroom floor. He must've gotten into something...yuk. (FYI it's now two hours later & it's still there because the babies took priority)

After a little playtime on the floor we have the babies some dinner & got them into the tub. Michelle left me in charge of bath time & went to go get diapers & jammies ready. They were in the tub all of five minutes when it was my turn to scream "Help!! Poop!" as Isaiah started pooping in the tub!  As I was whipping babies out of the tub as fast as possible & tossing them on the bathroom rugs, Michelle, having only heard "Help!" came rushing in out of breath. After getting over her panic Michelle jumped right in to help, cleaning out the tub while I wrapped up babies. Bath time round two didn't last long before all the car ride crabbiness came out and it was quite the pre-bedtime screamfest tonight. Hopefully everyone will sleep well tonight so we can sleep too! 

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