Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We have ourselves a bit of a bully

Our littlest peanut has been using her superior motor skills to her advantage and has become a bit of a bully the past couple of weeks!  Avery is much more stable in sitting so she can reach farther than the other two and uses this to her advantage to steal toys from her siblings sitting near her. =) 

She has also learned to army crawl (more on that in a long overdue Motor Monday post) and will crawl pretty much anywhere she wants to go grab a toy that catches her eye and she doesn't care who is playing with it. This video is from yesterday during "nakey time" before bed where we let them dry out after the bath and just enjoy being naked.  But the rattle Ellie was shaking caught Avery's eye and she was off!
 The other night I took this video of them all sitting up and it is too funny not to share!  I just wanted to take it to document them all sitting but didn't expect this!
I love how Ellie almost falls multiple times like a little weeble wobble and how one time it looks like Isaiah saves a fall.  But in the end Avery got her (thus the quick stoppage of the video mid fall)!

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