Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The gears are turning

It's fun to see the babies problem solving skills really emerging these days!  They've obviously been learning all along, but now they have the motor skills to actually show us that learning.

Here's a little video clip of Avery understanding the cause-effect of a new toy that they played with at our friend Stacey's a few weeks ago.
And here are a couple of pics my mom took of Ellie figuring out how to get a toy off her foot

"hmmm...now this is tricky Grandma! 
It's stuck on my foot!"

"Ah, sweet success!"
 They're also now looking for toys they've dropped, are shaking and starting to bang toys to hear the sound, and are anticipating repeated actions.  Isaiah is so cute with his anticipation because if you do something he likes (like tickles or silly faces, sounds, etc) and do it a couple of times he'll start laughing before the next time just because he knows what's coming.  And he has such a great laugh!  Tonight Avery figured out the straw cup.  She played around with Auntie Jessica's straw water bottle a couple weeks ago and started to actually get some water and tonight, after a lot of trial and error, she was able to get some smoothie out of her little straw cup.

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