Friday, May 16, 2014

7mo pics & stats....a couple weeks late!

These babies (& working A LOT more) are really keeping me busy & making it hard to find time to blog!  When we went to the doctor on April 28th, just shy of 7 months here were there stats:

Isaiah: 13lbs 8oz & 24.5"
Avery: 12lbs 12oz & 24"
Ellie: 13lbs 4oz & 25"

I'm a little late, but here are the 7 month pics finally!  They are getting so big!  It's hard to believe they are already seven months old!

Our little guy likes to roll and no longer stays where you put him.  He was consistently rolling off the blanket in Hawaii.  He is prop sitting but isn't too stable and seems the least interested.  Isaiah slept through the night (7-5:30) on Monday April 28th for the first time.  He has been starting to only get up once to eat with a few little fusses at other times, but this is inconsistent.  (And in the past two weeks he's been backsliding with this!)  He has a funny high pitch squeal and in fact most of his "talking" is pretty high pitched.  He likes to be surprised by things like saying "boo" or playing "gotcha," where Michelle grabs his hand really fast, and cracks up laughing. 

Our big boy!  He's getting a belly!

Check out that belly!

Avery continues to be out little spitfire!  She rolls to her tummy and back a lot, but she doesn't do a lot of continuous rolling.  Avery learned to sit up this month!  And she very quickly became quite the professional sitter, playing with toys and reaching for toys around her.  She really likes sitting and seems proud of herself.  Avery is our quietest baby for the most part.  She doesn't babble and coo as much as the other two but when she gets mad or frustrated she will let you know!  Avery is our animal lover!  She gets so excited to see Humphrey or Bailey walk by and will reach out for them.  She likes to have us bring her by Humphrey so she can "pet" him.  Avery likes playing with her tongue and rolling it, oh and using it to give sloppy kisses.  Avery started out liking to eat the most, but as the month went on she was a little less interested in eating.
"Mom, you're so funny!"
I got my toes!
Ellie is getting so tall!  The stats said she was only 1/2 an inch longer but she seems much longer than the other two!  Ellie is our rockstar sleeper!  She slept through the night April 27th from 7:30pm to 7am.  And better yet she does it pretty much every night, making it to at least 5:30am.  Ellie is a sweetie and is probably the most likely to snuggle in for a good cuddle.  Ellie rolls and rolls though she mostly only rolls over one shoulder.  She really likes her feet and grabs them at every diaper change.  Ellie learned to shake a rattle this month and really liked learning this.  She started to get a little bit of stranger danger at the end of the month, showing a strong preference for her moms.  This can be a pain, but she sure does give us big giant smiles when she sees us. 
Ellie loves her feet so much these days!

Ah ha ha!
Group shots continue to be a challenge!  And now that they're moving the challenge is multiplied!

Froggy must be telling Ellie an important secret...

Oooh, ball....

Look out Avery!  He's comin' to get ya!

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