Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy In/Out Day babies!

Today is the babies In/Out day. In other words, they've now been out of Michelle's belly as long as they were in!  Here are their 34 weeks in photos:
Michelle wants to note that she had been on IV fluids, making her face look puffy!
Minutes before she was
wheeled into the OR

And here's the 34 week out pic! We love this trio so much, but Michelle might be looking a little sleep deprived in the picture this morning because Isaiah and Avery are giving us a LOT of trouble at night these days.  Ellie is solidly sleeping 11.5-12 hours every night.  She's our sleeping rockstar!

Enjoying summer in our screened in porch!


  1. Amazing! And so is your "schedule". Love all your posts and especially pictures!!!

  2. Wow, its amazing how time seems to move so quickly in some ways!


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