Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Professional 6 month pics!

We wanted to get some professional pictures taken of the babies again at six months and were trying to figure out if that meant a trip to Altoona to get pics taken at JCPenney or Sears or something.  And then we got this amazing message on the Triple(t) Threat Facebook page from a local blog follower offering to come take their pictures!  Emily, from Fritts Fotos, said photographers don't often get to add triplets to their portfolio and that she'd love to come photograph our babies.  What an amazing gift that was!  It was so great to have her come to our house because getting this crew out the door and timing things so they're likely to be fairly happy would be quite the trick.  We are soooo thrilled with the pictures and would highly recommend that local folks give Emily a call for your photo needs!  Thank you sooooo much Emily!  Here are some of our favorites (the files are big so I couldn't upload them all):

pensive Ellie

Isaiah & Ellie

Whatever we were doing amused one baby & confused the other!

little sweetie getting eaten by his slightly too big collared shirt

three in a row

if only Avery had leaned the other way!!

Ellie's head looks huge in this one (optical illusion since Isaiah's
head is really much bigger!)

"Eat your heart out!"  =)

Cutie patootie

Love this series of bucket pics
(going to get this one in black & white too!)

so sweet


LOVE this close up shot!!!

Silly sisters!

"uh, why are we sitting in a laundry basket?!"

"no really, why?" (Isaiah-guess I'll just eat Ellie's dress)

I love this mother daughter candid!

A few family pics
All the babies are looking at the camera...

now all five of us are...as you can tell the babies are
losing steam

Ellie is DONE

but this shot turned out pretty cute anyway

oops! forgot to get the diaper pics!
Isaiah is over it!

cute baby bums

post photo shoot meal time


  1. These pictures are so beautiful!! Love Michelle's new hair cut! Each baby has such a unique personality and it shows in the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us! They really brighten up any day. Family pictures are forever!!!

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