Friday, May 16, 2014

Meet the Triple(t) Threat in St. Louie

A couple weeks ago we took the kiddos on their second road trip, this time to St. Louis, MO. Our good friend Elise was getting married outside of St. Louis and we couldn't miss it so we loaded everyone up and took off on another adventure.  We stopped in Dayton, OH each direction to break up the 12 hour drive.  On the way there we got to see Michelle's mom Denise and her brother Matt because Denise was down there to move Matt out of his dorm.  We didn't get to Dayton until late, but we got to see Matt's dorm, do a mini campus tour, and grab breakfast before hitting the road again.

UD tour selfie
The babies were so great at breakfast!  No fussing and they ate a ton!

We stayed with my college buddy Stacey and her family who live about 45 minutes from St. Louis and 30 minutes from where the wedding was.  It was great to see Stacey and her kiddos were so sweet with the babies, reading to them and sharing their baby toys with them.  
Will reading to the babies while Cora helps Ellie sit up
Isaiah was very attentive!
Cora was a big help all weekend!
and such a big thank you to Stacey and Mark for welcoming 3 infants (and their moms) into their home!

The wedding on Saturday was so beautiful and they totally lucked out with the weather!  It was great to get to hang out with so many good friends!  And since we were the only ones who brought our kiddos we had lots of baby holders!  Unfortunately, with 3 babies in hand, we don't take nearly enough pictures!  We're hoping friends can pass theirs on to us because the babies had a ball with all of our friends and we'd love some photos to prove it! :)

So happy

Family pic at sunset
On Sunday we drove into St. Louis to spend the day with my college friends and their families.  We all went to Grant's Farm, hit up our favorite Mexican restaurant, and capped the day off with some Ted Drewes ice cream!  It was wonderful to get to hang out with everyone and get to know their kiddos.  I miss living close to those girls!  We also got to see our friends Kelly, Ed, Liz, Lauren & Annie on Sunday which was a bonus! 
Isaiah wearing Will's Cardinals hat!
Feeding the baby goats
Happy girls
Obviously there was something interesting happening to our left!
some of the crew
SLU girls and their kiddos
First bite of Ted Drewes...he doesn't look nealy as impressed as he should!!
It was a beautiful hot spring day!  Perfect for some custard!

St. Louis rugby buddies

On our way out of town we stopped to get take out from Pho Grand, one of our favorite restaurants, and swung by our old house (fun to see the now mature landscaping my dad & I did) and drove by SLU, our alma mater.  We actually fed the babies on campus before we left town. 

SLU fountain feeding spot

St. Louis spring was a couple weeks ahead & SLU always had nice flowers!

The babies were not as tolerant of being in the car on this trip as they were on the Chicago trip when they were only 3 months old.  They did fairly well on the way there, but by the time we were driving home they were sooo over it!  They did sleep some, but they also got bored when they were awake so there was a lot more crying and more stops than we would have liked. The trip was too short and the drive was too long, but it was great to see so many special people!

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