Sunday, May 11, 2014

We have a busy house this weekend!!

On Wednesday my Mom & Dad arrived for a two week visit.  We are so happy they are here and they are soaking up all the baby love they can.  Baby smiles and cuddles are good for the grieving soul (plus they keep us all busy)!
Grandma & her grandbabies

Grandpa & his grandbabies

Reading to Ellie

Chillin' outside with the boys
This weekend and week were set to be a particularly difficult time where my brother's absence would be especially notable with Mother's Day today and my dad's birthday this Tuesday.  So to head this off, my mom and my sister Kate cooked up a surprise for my dad.  Kate, Claude, & Abigail flew in for the weekend and Mom and I came up with a good excuse to get away to pick them up mid day on Saturday.  So Mom came in carrying Abigail and Dad was very very surprised.  We all almost blew the surprise soooo many times, but we managed to pull it off!  It has been great to have them here and fun and healing to have everyone together again.

The Betenes 

Enjoying some time outside

Abigail & Isaiah wanted to be stroller buds...
can you see what the problem is??

All the grandkids
(they look thrilled about this photo don't they?!)
But Kate, Claude & Abigail were not the only surprise visitors this weekend!  Saturday morning around 7:30, Michelle and I were finishing feeding the babies and seemingly out of nowhere Jessica, Michelle's sister, appeared in our bedroom and said "good morning!"  It took me at least a full minute to process what the heck was going on.  And for that minute the look on my face was hilarious...I know this because Jess took a video! =)  Jessica flew down for a surprise weekend visit because she had Monday off!  (She had already bought her ticket and then found out that Kate & Claude were coming!)  Soooo, we have a very full house this weekend!
Did anyone notice the missing baby in the first pic?!
And the fun doesn't end there!  We are celebrating my dad's birthday tomorrow, a day early, because Kate & Claude are leaving Tuesday morning.  So my dad's sister Mary and her husband Phil drove over from Massachusetts today so they could be here to celebrate my dad's birthday with him.  So my Auntie Mary & Uncle Phil (the babies great aunt & uncle) arrived around 1 today and hung out with us for the afternoon and joined us for dinner.  So we had 9 adults plus Abigail enjoying my dad's spaghetti & meatballs.  (The babies were in bed already, but they split a meatball & sauce for their dinner and wolfed it down!)
Auntie Mary & Avery making silly faces at eachother
Uncle Phil hanging with Ellie
Auntie Mary correctly identified all the babies thanks to her loyal blog reading!  She told me that whenever she's in a bad mood she just pulls up the blog and peruses the pictures and next thing she knows she is smiling. =)  Auntie Mary & Uncle Phil picked out some cute coordinating outfits for the babies for the summer.  Isaiah got an extra one though because the color coordinating outfit said "cool like my auntie" and Uncle Phil was feeling left out so Isaiah also got a onesie that says "I heart my uncle."  =)


  1. Oh my gosh, if you only knew how long I looked at the first picture of you all outside trying to figure out where the heck the 3rd baby was! haha! I should have kept reading :) So happy to hear about all of these visitors!!

  2. I figured she was the one taking the photo! :-) -- Gina

  3. Someday when the three of us are walking with three of them I want to hear a passer-by say, "There must have been something in the water" haha


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