Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The thing about schedules...

Is that just when you have one down pat and are in a rhythm, the babies are ready for a change!  I've been meaning to write down our current schedule for the past couple of months and haven't gotten around to it.  I figured I'd better do it now because I think the babies are just about ready to drop yet another nap.  For the past 2-3 months (I think we changed schedules in Feb?!) this is what our schedule has been (with the caveat that we started only feeding them dinner and then added lunch a few weeks later and breakfast 3-4 weeks ago):

7am-wake up & nurse
9ish-morning nap
12ish-mid day nap
3ish-afternoon nap
5:30-family dinner
6:00-start bedtime routine with bath &/or naked playtime
nighttime nursing session(s) for Avery & Isaiah while Ellie the rockstar sleeper just keeps sleeping

Our nighttime "schedule" has been a complete wreck lately.  About a month ago we were on a hot streak for nighttime sleep.  Ellie has been sleeping through the night pretty consistently for the past month, with a few early wakeups.  In early May Avery & Isaiah were starting to get into a rhythm of only waking up once, sometime between 1 & 3am, but lately they've been complete disasters.  Tonight Avery went down at 7 and at 7:52 she was crying! She did settle back down after about five minutes without intervention, which is great and has not been typical as of late.  She and Isaiah have both been struggling and waking each other up more than in the past. And with Grandma & Grandpa in the room right next door it's harder for us to feel like we can let them work it out on their own so we've definitely been on a sleep regression.  It's definitely time to re-initiate sleep boot camp around here because all this night waking isn't good for any of us!

But back to the daytime schedule...  You might notice that we have one hour slotted for all three naps, but in reality, the 45 minute nap is still the standard.  I will say that over the past couple of weeks there have been more hour to hour and 15 minute naps, which is fantastic and a trend we'd like to see continue.  We've even gotten a handful of true two hour naps, but those are few and far between and aren't consistently happening at the same time of day even.  This schedule is still working, but these longer naps and the fact that sometimes they really don't seem ready for the next nap are hinting to us that they're about ready to transition to a two nap schedule, but it's hard to know when to actually make that switch.  I just wish we could get a few more of these longer naps because if they only nap for 45 minutes and we drop to two naps we're going to have some crabby babies on our hands!  Schedule transitions are tricky!
Ellie might not always choose the most conventional nap positions but she's our best sleeper so who cares!

As you can see in this schedule, a LOT of our day is spent feeding babies!  Since the addition of three meals of solid foods it sometimes feels like that's all we do.  I know we've said that before just about nursing, so I guess it's not that different, but it does take a lot more prep and clean-up time!  Thankfully nursing now takes MUCH less time, sometimes as fast as 20 minutes (for all of them)!  Here are a few funny eating pics =)
why, yes, I will have some more yogurt

Avery needed not one, but two spoons for this meal!

These prunes are going to do what?!? =)
(thankfully they did do the trick...poor kiddo was pretty stopped up for a couple days!)

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