Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fun in the snow

As we drove up to northern Wisconsin I wasn't sure we were going to get a white Christmas, but it actually snowed quite a bit while we were there and we got the babies out in the snow a few times. Grandma Rae & Grandpa Mark got to experience the Herculean effort required to get all three bundled up in snow clothes!  They still weren't super pysched about playing in the snow, but they did seem to enjoy riding in the sled at least some of the time.  Isaiah was the biggest fan of the sled, repeatedly asking for "more more" sled.  The first sled ride was on my Uncle Ken & Aunt Joan's property where we went to pick out a small Christmas tree.  My dad found the perfect little tree just off the walking path, which was great because by the time we got out there and bundled up it was already pushing nap time!

tree hunting team
The house we rented was right on a lake so my dad did a little cross country skiing and we took a few walks out on the lake.  The babies liked watching Grandpa ski and enjoyed knocking over mini snowmen that I made for them.  
Mommy and her sled full of babies
A rare moment of Ellie asking for "more" sled
Grandma's turn to pull =)
Avery loved to lean over and drag snow
uh oh!  
suddenly the sled seemed easier to pull!
I looked back to see this trail of babies I'd dumped!
MOMMY!!!! I can't move!!!
I wasn't the only one who managed to lose my precious cargo!
Grandpa back from skiing!  
Gleefully knocking down a snowball tower!
Ellie was less than enthusiastic about snow activities
having fun watching Mommy throw snowballs
We went down to the lake a second time with Mama late one afternoon.   That second trip to the lake no one wanted to ride in the sled after the first 50 feet or so, so we carried everyone and pulled an empty sled! We made a snowman on the dock to try to entertain the stir crazy troops, 
Mama only had two willing riders
Mama & Isaiah
(yes, he is rocking the pink boots....they are soooo
much easier to get on his chubby little feet!
Mommy & her girls out on the lake
our snowman & snow babies...Ellie looks like she has no neck!
Avery investigating the snowman
We got one decent family picture on the deck of the house we rented and Avery & Isaiah had fun playing in the snow on the deck too.

adults are all smiling & have their eyes open & kiddos aren't screaming = success
and the background almost looks like a studio backdrop!

love this shot
She thought it was pretty funny to play with Ellie through the glass

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