Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tis' the Season for Sickness

Oy!  It has been great to see everyone, but our three little germ factories (aka Isaiah, Avery, & Ellie) have been spreading and gathering germs everywhere they go.  I didn't manage to get a blog post up about this, but a couple weeks ago (December 12th to be exact), we got hit with our first stomach bug.  Isaiah woke up around 4am puking and was a miserable little guy all morning.  Avery joined the fun mid morning but never seemed as sick as Isaiah.  Ellie steered clear all day until she had two bites of dinner and then lost it. We went to bed Friday night expecting the worst night ever and instead we got a shockingly good night of sleep with only a couple of wake ups.  Babies all seemed to be recovering on Saturday and we just crossed our fingers that we didn't get it, but our luck isn't that good.  Saturday night around 11 it got me pretty good, but thankfully I fell asleep shortly after.  Sadly, we were woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of poor Ellie belle throwing up all over herself and her crib.  She and I spent the rest of the night in the guest bed together and had a couple more sheet and PJ changes before morning arrived.  Sunday was a slow and sickly day at our house as the four of us recovered and we all hoped that maybe that Michelle would emerge unscathed.  Michelle held strong until Sunday night when she started to feel a little icky and was down most of Monday.  We were all on the mend by Tuesday when Michelle and I really kicked our travel planning into gear since we were driving Thursday!

Unfortunately, despite being symptom free for more than a few days before we traveled it seems that one of us (I blame the babies) was still capable of sharing our lovely germs because the following Sunday Michelle's brother and mom fell victim to the bug as well.  And it must've been one heck of a virus because a few days later both my mom  and dad got nailed!  Thankfully it was a couple days before Christmas and everyone was feeling better by Christmas Day.

And as if that wasn't enough sickness, the babies all managed to come down with a nasty cold a day or two after Christmas.  Isaiah was the first to fall again, but is now on the mend while the girls continue to be snot faucets.  Both girls also have red weepy eyes and everyone has a bit of a cough.  As Michelle noted today, three babies with colds means that both of us are covered in snot by the end of the day.  It's lovely.  Oh yeah, and we both have the cold too.  And so does my dad.  Undoubtedly at least a couple of the Chicago fam will get this before we leave.  Ugh!  We are ready to be healthy!! Hopefully January will be a lot healthier than December was for all of us!
AHHHH!!! I'm soooo tired of being sick Mom!
sad sick baby eyes...and a snotty nose that she now hates
to have wiped because it's red and raw =(
I tried all day to get a good close up of her goopy eyes &
sad little sick face, but most were blurry so this is the best sick shot I got of Ellie

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