Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pre-Christmas Fun in Naperville

We had a nice couple of days in Naperville before Christmas as a stop over on the way to Wisconsin.  Grandma Stephen had gotten out some of Matt's old toys out for the triplets to play with.  The plastic cozy coupe was by far the most popular!

Auntie Tracy's great idea to get two kiddos a ride 
Avery liked the double decker car!
Ellie rockin' the static car hair do
Avery came up with another way to get two in the car
love this shot!
Grandma Stephen wanted to take the babies to see Santa.  Isaiah was the only one willing to get close to Santa. =)

The girls really liked the nativity!  But got mad that they couldn't pick up the baby!
Ran into another Santa at the running store =)
And we had fun times with the fam and opening new Christmas presents!

playing dress up with Auntie Jess

cutie pie!
a new farm from Auntie Tracy!
Avery has a unique opening style!
Avery opening her stocking gifts in the awesome new
stockings that Grandma made us!
a selfie with Auntie Jess

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