Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Picnic at Golden Gardens

Michelle and I both wanted to make sure we got lots of time by the water during our trip to Seattle so we planned an afternoon at Golden Gardens beach park on Friday.  Marty & Carrie and Scooter & Margo were able to get the afternoon off work and met us there. It was a nice clear day so we got a great view of the Olympic mountains

it was so great that friends of friends let us borrow this stroller for the trip!
It was fun to see the babies experiencing sand again.  The last time they really played with sand was in Hawaii when they were only nine months old.  Avery wanted to go swimming & kept trying to give us the slip so she could sneak in!  The water was freezing cold & my feet were freezing standing in the water with her!
Ellie wasn't too sure about the sand at first
Isaiah dove right into the sand (literally!)
Avery was all about the sand too!
after a while Ellie warmed up to the sand!
Isaiah liked throwing rocks down by the water
the sand was so fun!
love this one! 
mmmm sand dipped strawberries!
very slowly building a sand castle with Carrie
"uh oh!!"
Mommy & son sandy feet pic...love his chubby little feet!
flying high!
super high!
snuggling with Scooter!
attempt at a family shot
love this shot too!


  1. Is Nippa a welsh springer spaniel?

    1. Nippa is an English Springer Spaniel who currently looks like a muppet due to his need for a haircut!

  2. Fun to go to a beach, even if it was chilly. Love the last photo of the five of you!

  3. I love the last shot!!

    You do a great job of telling the story of the day with all the pictures!


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