Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Saturday Fun in the Sun

Saturday was a day full of fun and lots of new faces for the babies.  We hosted a brunch at Marty & Carrie's house to maximize the number of people we could see.  A lot of our old rugby teammates came and we got to meet two of their kiddos too.  It was another gorgeous day so we spent a lot of time outside.
it was so sunny & nice!
Ellie wasn't so sure about being the center of attention
Avery loved Marty & Carrie's Seahawks gnome
Ellie liked it too =)
Isaiah getting some "bro time"
this was the longest cutest toddler hug!
that ended in a take down =)
Carrie gave the girls "ponies"
trying to add Isaiah into the mix
While the babies napped the grown ups chased the sun to the back patio and drank cider!

When the babies woke up we walked over to the park for some playtime for everyone!
big kids doing a physics lesson
lots of "kids" on the bouncer
swings are always fun
Avery & Marty discovering their shadows
Hangin' with Scooter
saying hi to Nippa
sliding with mommy
check out that pony!!!
getting ready to slide!
whew!  that was fast!
Ellie slid down a little too fast & bonked her
face on the slide so she needed a snuggle
After a fun time at the park we went back to the house for dinner and some quiet play time with Scooter & Margo...

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