Saturday, March 7, 2015

Springtime in Seattle

Oh glorious springtime!  Seattle couldn't have welcomed us "home" with any better weather!  Seattle had a very mild winter and is getting a lovely early spring and it is such a welcome relief from the neverending snow and cold in Pennsylvania!  All the trees are in bloom, there are crocuses and daffodils everywhere and it has been in the 60s and sunny!  We have taken full advantage of this beautiful weather and have already been to the park close to Marty & Carrie's house every day!

swinging is so fun!
what a goofy face!
plane spotting
swinging with Auntie Carrie
swinging with Mama
down the big slide with Mama
(he immediately signed/said "more!")
picnic lunch
on the "round & round" with Mommy
silly Ellie!
signing "happy" =)
so cute!
what is this thing mom?
Ellie wasn't a fan...
Mommy & babies on the round & round the next day at the park

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  1. * Home - Where your heart is = Chicago...not Seattle.


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