Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Hoppy Happy Easter!

We had a pretty low key Easter day today which was pretty lovely.  We did a couple of Easter-y things over the past couple of weekends and today we just enjoyed a day at home with an afternoon trip to the park.  Here are some pics of our Easter festivities & some pics from today...

skipped morning nap for their first easter event...can you tell?

brave boy!

nice low key low pressure intro to the big bunny

only one willing to sit with him!

but the girls did give high fives
another high five!

all in the pic plus their little buddy


not so sure about these ears Mom!

a quick snuggle with Grandma!

surprise!  here I am!
(they were all hiding behind the decorations & running out!)

sooo cute!

well....a holiday mixup?  Our friends brought that for collecting eggs
Isaiah had other plans!

opening gifts from Grandma & Grandpa Stephen

big bags! what's in there Avery?!

the grass might have been the most coveted item in the bag!

Avery was putting grass between her toes & on her head, etc

apparently buckets on your head is a thing now!

killing a little time before the egg hunt at our favorite local cidery!

waiting for the "hunt" to begin!
and the hunt is on!  I was WAY too busy trying to keep track
of all three of my little hunters to take pics, but our friend snapped this one
of her daughter who just charged out into the field!  Thankfully all 3 of ours
stayed close by!
We had to start the morning off with bunny pancakes today!
the blueberry eyes & nose were the first to go!
oooh says Isaiah!
cards are sooooo fun! -Ellie

 And the silliness continued....

 We got outside for a while this afternoon & I tried to get cute pics of them with our spring flowers...
note the word TRIED above! =)

okay this one is kinda cute

and this one

"haha!  I got you flower!!"

let's just say this is NOT how I envisioned this shot turning out!
BUT how great is Isaiah's windblown hair?!? =)

yup, that one was a fail too!  but the flowers are pretty =)

a bunny ear selfie

one more goofy selfie

Michelle getting in on the fun while we did work tonight! =)


  1. Wonderful pics of your beautiful family!

  2. Wonderful pics of your beautiful family!


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