Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fun at the Children's Garden

Our kiddos are still obsessed with being outside and we are so happy that the weather is finally nice and we can actually make that happen!  We have been spending a ton of time outside and enjoying it!

On Monday afternoon we hung out at the arboretum children's garden (which will be MUCH prettier once things are actually blooming!)

gotta love attempts to get pics of all three now!
playing music in the treehouse
We had a picnic too
 They all insisted on trying my bubbly water....

And after playtime we had a good time playing in a field...
Ellie wasn't so sure about the whole barefoot thing at first...
but she came around!
gang up on Mommy time!
upside down Elle-belle
I loved this pic I took of Ellie & then decided I needed similar ones of everyone...

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