Sunday, April 26, 2015

Painting Mama's Poster!

This morning we decided to tackle an art activity!  The other day I tried making paint bags, but we didn't have tempera paint so I followed a recipe online to make my own paint and, well, it was a total flop!  The paint was way too thin & just sunk to the bottom of the bags rather than staying wherever they squished it.  So today when they wanted to paint I decided to use the paint from the bags so it wasn't a total waste!
Pinterest fail!
Michelle has done a couple of poster presentations this semester and it turns out that those posters make excellent art spaces for triplets!  Here are some pics from the event.  And yes, it was an event!  Though I will say that they actually stayed put on the paper for at least 15 minutes straight and our new Melissa & Doug no-spill paint cups worked great!  
top view early on
And a little farther into it...
"whadya think Mommy?!"
Isaiah concentrating on adding red!
Ellie & her green paint...
Avery branching out to a new spot on the paper
showing off their work to Hope!
And once painting the paper got old, they moved
on to painting their legs!  
Shortly after the body painting commenced they started looking for new canvases around the house so I had to quickly round up all the painting supplies and get everyone's feet & hands wiped off!  The paint recipe was kind of sticky so painting led directly to our next activity for the morning...bath time!

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