Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fun weekend with friends!

We had a fun weekend with friends this past weekend. The kiddos BFF Clodagh and her mom (their other BFF Deirdre) were back in town and stayed with us for the weekend. Friday afternoon we met up at the Nittany Inn on campus for happy hour to celebrate Michelle's classmate's dissertation defense.  We beat the party there so we ran around in an open area and the kiddos had a blast.  So much so that Avery asked to go back the next day!

all four crammed into one octagon on the floor


enjoying his apple from the lobby

Ellie loving on her buddy & eating popcorn

After the happy hour celebration Deirdre & I headed over to the arboretum with the kiddos for their winterfest.  Unfortunately it was not nearly as interesting/exciting as we'd imagined it would be...

Ellie was the only one willing to take a picture with me

Isaiah & Deirdre dancing in the lights

The next day we went to Talleyrand Park to take advantage of the beautiful and very unseasonably warm weather!
only two big kid swings so Avery was a nice sister and pushed Isaiah
(who of course complained because he wanted me to push him!)

upside down swinger

love this one!

Later on Saturday we hosted a cookie making party for 11 toddlers!!! Yes, that is right, 11 children four and under, 8 of them two and under! 

Isaiah was super into this part!

Love this shot!
(Photo credit for these goes to super MoM Heather!)

the little decorators

someone decided to dump ALL the sprinkles on one cookie

serious concentration by these little painters
the final can see that some of these went through product testing! =)

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