Saturday, December 5, 2015

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Well, actually we left town to go see Santa, but those are minor details. We haven't talked a lot about Santa, but they have really been picking up on the idea and have been excited (or anxious) to see him.  Ellie has been spontaneously saying "I love Santa!"  When we talk about going to see him Avery got a little anxious and sometimes said "I scared," but other times would be excited to talk about him.  So we figured she would be pretty nervous.  We hadn't decided what our Santa plan was going to be, but a fellow rugby coach gave us a heads up that his law firm had a great Santa today our in Millheim so we  decided to go for it and met up with some friends in the area and grabbed lunch.

Here are the pics...
playing trains while waiting for Santa

surprise!  Look who was helping Santa today?! 
Happy boy & his Hope elf
Well, 2/3 isn't bad right?

sooo close...

Ellie's favorite chair at lunch

proud boy who can blow his new train whistle from Santa

making coffee

serious little baristas

mmm...Ellie & Isaiah must make some good coffee!

Santa visit round 2

not bad

Michelle was REALLY happy for this one

watching Santa's Christmas train

wishing they were a couple inches taller =)

watching with friends...note the potato chip riding aboard the train...
Bernie made lots of little friends by sending chips around on the train

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