Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa Train

Months ago we bought tickets for the Santa train with a group of other families with multiples.  We had it in our heads that we flew to Chicago on the 19th so doing the train on the 18th seemed like a great idea.  Then we realized that our plane was actually the afternoon of the 18th!  Thankfully, the train ride was at 10am and our flight wasn't until later so we just had to be ready to go the night before.  Then our flight got pushed back a bit, which meant the kiddos got a nap after the Santa train, which I'm sure made our flights better!

Here are some highlight pics from the train ride...

enthralled with looking out the window (which lasted about 2 minutes)

sisters being silly

he was singing and dancing & playing the bells that our friend Eve brought

another winning train ride prop courtesy of Eve

Ellie & Santa (She has been randomly saying "I love Santa" for weeks

someone is a little more skeptical of the bearded guy

a big hug for Frosty!

a pic with all the characters from the Santa train

"I no want to sit on Santa's lap"
So, looking back on it a few days later, I think the kiddos had a good time on the Santa train.  In the moment, Michelle and I were not so sure.  Sometimes it feels like the saying "there's no such thing as fun for the WHOLE family" is so true. In the past when we've been on trains they've been a little more enthralled with the overall experience, but they were super antsy and wiggly for the whole train ride so it wasn't super fun for the moms.  Also, I'd love to give the organizers some feedback that they should have the characters just wandering around for the whole ride.  As it was they didn't start until halfway through and then just came one after another, rushing through to make it through the whole train before we returned.  Oh well, it was an experience and they've had fun talking about it for the past few days.

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